My new sketchbook cover | La tapa de mi cuaderno de bocetos
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Here’s the cover for my new custom built sketchbook. Monotype (my first one ever, btw) with coffee, watercolors and acrylics. Hice esta ilustración para la tapa de mi nuevo cuaderno … Read More

Drunken Monkee | Mono Ebrio
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Howdy! Just a quick post. I made this small pic for Fed, basically just because he likes pirates and monkeys, heheh. Here’s a small process: inks, then watercolors, and finally … Read More

entdroid’s sketchbook | cuaderno de bocetos de entdroid
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I finally painted entdroid’s sketchbook cover. Acrylics and black felt tip marker. Finalmente pinté la tapa del cuaderno de bocetos de entdroid. Acrílicos y marcador indeleble negro.

Yarr Harr Matey!
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More ink doodlery, mostly pirates this time. I’m kinda obsessed with Isaac Le Pirate by Christophe Blain, probably one of the best comics ever made. I also finished reading Chicken … Read More

Ink Doodles | Bocetos a tinta
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Brand new sketchbook. Sumi ink, white out and colored pencils. Cuaderno de bocetos nuevo. Tinta sumi, corrector y lápices de colores.

Painted Kimono Girl | Pintura de la chica con kimono
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Here’s the finished illo I did. I painted it with acrylics but let the colored paper I drew her in show in some parts. I gotta say it looks much … Read More

Kimono Girl | Chica con kimono
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Here’s a pencil sketch of a picture I’m making for a friend. The katana looks weird but I’ll fix it! I’ll post the final version of this when I finish … Read More

10 min doodle | boceto (10 minutos)
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I’m still getting used to my new puter (switched from pc to mac), so I did this quick doodle as a warm up. Todavía me estoy acostumbrando a mi nueva … Read More

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