Mary of the blue lights
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I forgot to post this CHOW I did a few weeks ago. I fought a lot with it and I’m still not entirely happy with how it turned out in … Read More

Deer | Ciervos
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This is something I did recently just to try a new approach. I also was in the mood for drawing animals, they’re so much fun 😀 I’m including the final … Read More

Puss in Boots
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Heya! Sorry for the lack of updates recently. This has been one hectic month! I’ll try to keep this up to date a bit more from now on. Yes I … Read More

Xmas gift + tutorial
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Hey there! For this Christmas I wanted to paint Vic a present, and why the heck not, share my process with you all. After passing my sketchbook on to Vic … Read More

Drunken Monkee | Mono Ebrio
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Howdy! Just a quick post. I made this small pic for Fed, basically just because he likes pirates and monkeys, heheh. Here’s a small process: inks, then watercolors, and finally … Read More

Painted Kimono Girl | Pintura de la chica con kimono
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Here’s the finished illo I did. I painted it with acrylics but let the colored paper I drew her in show in some parts. I gotta say it looks much … Read More

Kimono Girl | Chica con kimono
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Here’s a pencil sketch of a picture I’m making for a friend. The katana looks weird but I’ll fix it! I’ll post the final version of this when I finish … Read More

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