Pigs’ Friend Bundle


This bundle grants you the title of True Friend of the Pigs with Crayons!

Here's what you get if you choose this bundle:

· Four heavyweight A4 prints (The Garden and A Good Book by Victoria, and Rat and Mole and Squirrel Archer by Federico).
· A sketched + signed copy of Pigment Pigsty, Victoria's A5 art book.
· A random* stickers booklet by Victoria.
· A couple (2-3 depending on size and complexity) of random original art odds & ends by Victoria. These are mostly inked drawings created for freelance jobs: some have blue printed sketches under the ink or printed sketches on the back, some are made on plain computer paper, have an odd paper shape, etc. – some examples shown in the product gallery below.

* You can also state your choice of Strawberries or Bacon in the comments section at checkout if you wish.

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