Prints, books and bundles now available!

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We have a bunch of new cool stuff on our store!
First off are these lovely heavyweight prints that you can get individually or all together in an awesome pack of whimsical animals:

My little artbook Pigment Pigsty has been reprinted and it’s back on the store too!

We put together a bundle featuring it as well, a fantastic chance to get all of our printed goods together (signed + sketched Pigment Pigsty and all four of our currently available prints) plus a sticker book and, more importantly, some original art! I have a few odds and ends that are quite nice but not entirely fancy (some have blue ink sketches, or sketches in the back, or are made in normal paper) mostly original inks from my work on the Dungeon! board game, activity and sticker books, and MG novel chapter starters. I’ll include 2 or 3 of these in every bundle!

Soon we’ll be adding some more original art as well – keep your eyes peeled for news!