Yarr Harr Matey!

More ink doodlery, mostly pirates this time. I’m kinda obsessed with Isaac Le Pirate by Christophe Blain, probably one of the best comics ever made. I also finished reading Chicken with Plums by Marjane Satrapi, simply amazing in every aspect. Go check those out!

Más bocetos a tinta, principalmente piratas. Estoy desarrollando una obsesión por Isaac Le Pirate de Christophe Blain, probablemente uno de los mejores comics jamás realizados. También acabo de terminar de leer Pollo con ciruelas de Marjane Satrapi, increíble en todos los aspectos posibles. Altamente recomendados.

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I am an illustrator as well, and Blain is one of my favourites. Don’t think he receives the
credit, in different countries, that he deserves. He is truly a great artist and someone I’d like to meet.

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