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Long time no post | Actualización (finalmente…)


It’s been a while since I last posted here, lots of (good) things happened since then. Right now we’re going crazy planning and sorting things out for our big move to Europe. Anyway, expect more regular updates from now on.

Ha pasado un buen rato desde que posteé acá por última vez, muchas cosas buenas me pasaron desde entonces. En este momento nos estamos volviendo locos organizando los últimos detalles de nuestra mudanza a europa. De todos modos, vamos a actualizar este blog de forma más seguida de ahora en adelante.

4 replies on “Long time no post | Actualización (finalmente…)”

Ha ! An update ! ^^
Love it all, man, specially first one, but also the last one, there’s a “punk treatment” in this one. Growl ! Can’t wait to see more.
Wish you and Vic a merry christmas, and a smooth move to Europe ! 😉
See you there.

awesome feddie!
cedartuft? – love it to death! perfect name as well – is this going to be a full on comic ~ ‘mouseguard’ / redwall style? if so count me in for an issue of the first batch!
love the ‘conquer’ piece as well…for some reason i’m always drawn into straight poses like that! but it does a great job of incorporating your color, inklines, graphic quality, flourish fetish, design all into a simple yet effective piece!
you make me jealous with envy!
much love and cacahuates

Fed! Almost missed these new ones. They are all great , but I love the first one. I’m with lil’ Timmy- sign me up for a copy if you are planning a full comic.
I am starting to feel like a sloth with all the great work you are turning out.

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