Stickers & Stickers!
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I recently got some comp copies of a sticker book I did for Dover last year where I got to draw a bunch of owls being silly 🙂 And I … Read More

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I’ve been crazy busy lately, but here’s a little painting I managed to squeeze in over the weekend. Gouache on paper. Hope you like! Últimamente no tengo mucho tiempo para … Read More

A sloth playing videogames
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Today is Fed’s birthday (happy birthday!!!! <3 <3 <3) and here’s one of his presents from me! Gouache and color pencils on paper. Hoy es el cumple de Fede (feliz … Read More

Fidel the schnauzer
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I decided to make a stronger effort this year to try to successfully translate my style to traditional media. I’m pretty comfortable with digital at this point but messing around … Read More

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Hey there! I did this for the ArtOrder blog, the topic was the Krampus. Hope you dig it!

Pigs & Squirrels
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Squirrels are among my favorite animals for sure, they’re cute, and agile, and so fun to observe! So I made this little pic out of pure squirrel love (once again, … Read More

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