Boar Apprentice
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Adding another recent painting to the blog! Plus some details because those are always fun to see, right? Gouache on paper. After trying many brands and textures I think this … Read More

Cookie Jar
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Recent gouache painting and some process pictures. Don’t get caught eating crumbles off the floor! Una pintura reciente en gouache y algunas fotos del proceso. Que nadie te pesque comiendo … Read More

More Septempera
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A whole lot more of the little paintings I made during my personal challenge #septempera last year, making one gouache painting each day during September. Some are quite simple or … Read More

Prints, books and bundles now available!
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We have a bunch of new cool stuff on our store! First off are these lovely heavyweight prints that you can get individually or all together in an awesome pack … Read More

Bits & Bobs on Traditional Art
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A few months ago, I made a thread on Twitter with traditional art random tips & tricks. It was not meant to be a tutorial or step by step, just … Read More

Septempera – The Goblinette
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During September of last year, I made a challenge for myself of making a gouache painting everyday of the month. I’ll post the rest later on but I wanted to … Read More

A few things from 2017
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I’ve been thinking about the way I use social media a lot lately, and it’s made me realize that I must do better this year to update and maintain this … Read More

Pigment Pigsty is here!
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Pigment Pigsty, my printed collection of sketches & illustrations, is finally here!!! 😀 These little books printed really nicely, I’m super happy with how they turned out! Get your copy here: … Read More

Gouache Process Videos
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I hadn’t posted them here yet, but I’ve made a few short vids this year, timelapses of my gouache painting process. You can watch these and others on our YouTube channel; … Read More

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