Illustration Painting

Goblinette by the pond

This one was a bit of an experiment on doing a more finished pencil drawing and laying color on top with Ecoline. I finished things with some crayons and white gouache.

All in all, I’m happy with the result, but I was hoping for a more streamlined/quicker way to work… it was not too successful in that regard, although maybe once I have more familiarity with these paints and how they behave, it could be faster.

And it’s never a bad thing in my book to have more excuses to draw goblins!

Painting in watercolor of a goblin on a pier with a rat by her side.

The pencils:

Pencil drawing of a goblin on a pier with a rat by her side.

And a detail!

Close-up of a painting of a goblin on a pier with a rat by her side.
Illustration Painting

Paintings from Septempera 2019

Paintings I made for last year’s #septempera, experimenting with incorporating more watercolor and working transparently before adding gouache.


Plein Air Adventures

One of the highlights of 2019 was finding a group of local artists and going on art escapades to the countryside and nearby tiny towns.

Illustration Process

Faun process

I’m really bad at keeping up with it, but I always come back to thinking how much I miss blogs and forums as places to go for things I’m interested in, as opposed to the constant influx of everything on social media. So again I’m hoping I can maybe return to posting here more often, even if consistency is clearly too high of an expectation for me at this point.

I painted this faun commission a few months ago, and shared the process of both painting and digital tweaking over on Twitter. I thought it would be a good idea to share it here too for easier access/archive, and as an excuse to give a bit more life to this little corner of the internet of ours.

Illustration Process

Ernestine’s big pic dump!

If you’re following our Facebook page, you may already know that Federico and I are working on a children’s book pitch for a story we’ve written together and plan to illustrate in collaboration as well. Here are some of the sketches and tests we’ve been doing for it + a Halloween illo in pastels featuring Ernestine, our main character, squirrel and book lover. We hope you enjoy them!

Si están siguiendo nuestra página de Facebook, quizás sepan ya que Fede y yo estamos trabajando juntos en un proyecto personal de álbum ilustrado para una historia que también escribimos entre los dos. Acá les van algunos de los bocetos y la pruebas que venimos haciendo para el mismo + una ilus de Halloween/Otoño con Ernestine, nuestra protagonista, ardilla y amante de los libros. Esperamos que les gusten!


Alter Ego & Urban Sanctuary

Hi there! Here’s a couple of images I created for the collaborative blog The Clockwork Ballroom. They are topic #1: Alter Ego and topic #5: Urban Sanctuary. I’m on a personal quest to gain enough confidence in traditional media to produce most of my work this way; I don’t mind coloring and retouching digitally for the most part, but I still want to do as much as I can directly on paper cause I enjoy it a lot more, so I’m using these to further my adventures in that direction 🙂 First one (the comic addicted pig girl) is acrylic gouache on paper and the second one (balcony full of plants) is ink and watercolour on paper. Hope you like ’em!

Hola a todos! He aquí un par de ilustraciones que hice para el blog colectivo The Clockwork Ballroom para los temas #1: Alter Ego y #2: Urban Sanctuary. Estoy en una especie de quest personal cuyo objetivo es ganar la suficiente confianza con medios tradicionales como para hacer la mayor parte de mi proceso de este modo; generalmente no me molesta usar la compu para colorear y retocar pero quiero tratar de hacer todo lo que pueda directamente sobre papel porque la paso mucho mejor, así que estas cositas son mis intentos de seguir mis aventuras en esa dirección 🙂 La primera imagen (la chica-cerdo adicta a los comics) es gouache acrílico sobre papel, y la segunda (el balcón lleno de plantas) es tinta y acuarela sobre papel. Espero que les gusten!