Ernestine’s big pic dump!
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If you’re following our Facebook page, you may already know that Federico and I are working on a children’s book pitch for a story we’ve written together and plan to … Read More

Fidel the schnauzer
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I decided to make a stronger effort this year to try to successfully translate my style to traditional media. I’m pretty comfortable with digital at this point but messing around … Read More

Sketchbook dump
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Hey there! Here’s some raw stuff from my sketchbook (except the last one, that’s a digi study of a painting by N C Wyeth). I will hopefully post some finished … Read More

Ink Doodle
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Made this one just for fun, trying out some new ink and brush, as a test for an illustration. Colored in PS 🙂 Un dibujín para probar tinta y pincel … Read More

Deer | Ciervos
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This is something I did recently just to try a new approach. I also was in the mood for drawing animals, they’re so much fun 😀 I’m including the final … Read More