Happy Holidays!

This years’ quick Christmas card, featuring a goblinette of course. Federico and I hope you all have a wonderful, restful time full of warmth and tasty treats!

Drawn with a pen on my sketchbook, coloured digitally.


Rat Racer

Inks and Ecoline.

Still finding my way around these paints. I’ll need to experiment some more!

Creatures Illustration

Krampus Card

Season’s greetings card from last year.


On to adventure

A small illustration I did as inking practice today.

Doodles Illustration

Inky bits

I’ve been severely limiting the time I spend on social media lately, and it’s been great for my noggin. I still share things here and there, but I miss having a place to put things that’s not subject to the whims of algorithms and corporate-driven decisions, so I’m making my 38092843894293849284398th attempt to post here more often.

I plan on continuing the Hématite posts soon-ish, but in the mean time, I’ll probably just make some image posts to put here some of the stuff I’ve shared on social media. I’m thinking of maybe making some inspirations posts too, to share the work of artists I love.

So, here are some little ink drawings that I’ve made in the past year or so. More soon!

Collaboration Comics Musings Process

Hématite – Part 1

During the last few months of 2017, Federico and I began to develop a story for a comic centered around a vampire girl. We thought it would be interesting to do a few posts about the project to share its journey, both its visual development and our experience in trying to get it published, and talk a bit about the things we learned along the way.

Federico came up with the initial concept for the story, and while the final plot changed quite a bit as we fleshed it out and expanded on it over time, it basically involved the idea of this vampire girl falling in love with a human, and a couple of subsequent events that I’m gonna keep under wraps to avoid spoilers. This early seed of a story gave us a starting point, and as we artists are wont to do, we started making some sketches, drawing and painting in search of our main character, and the mood and feel we wanted for our comic. Many ideas for a story or for its scenes can develop from visual explorations.

The first drawings I ever made of Hématite were these (plus a little sketch of Emile’s head — he’s the human she falls for):

Shortly after, I drew this character, a very early version of what would become Drunela, Hématite’s best friend (and another Emile!):

Drunela was initially just a different kind of vampire (more Nosferatu inspired) but as we continued to develop the universe of this story, we decided she needed to be something else — someone our vampires wouldn’t approve of: a ghoul.

I made a few early mood tests during my #septempera challenge of 2017:

And a couple more during my relaxed #inktober after that. As you can see in the previous images, I was searching for the right animal companion for Hématite, and here I found it! I also started to get closer to the final look of our heroine:

Later I made a quick first style test and drew this little sequence based on the outline we were putting together, but it left us both very unconvinced. I was not happy with the results at all. Federico did the colors for it and it improved some but still — the whole thing felt off:

We concluded that we liked the look of my previous Inktober images more, and switched to inking with a nib. I made this test and we both though that it quite captured the direction we wanted. The coloring style was not right yet but it felt like a solid place to build from.

So much, in fact, that we ended up including an updated version as a panel in the final comic:

And that’s where the thing pretty much took off! By now we had a decent idea of what sort of story we wanted to tell, and the style we wanted for it. We were ready to tackle some *actual pages*!

To be continued in Part II!


Inktober 2015




















Here’s my attempt at doing this year Inktober, I only made it to day 19…


Animal Patterns

There’s a lot of stuff that I don’t really post because there’s quite a while between the time I make it and the time it’s published, and I end up forgetting :/

I thought I’d start to remedy that, so here’s some of the pages I made of a coloring book series for Dover, called Playful Pictures: Animals. I had a lot of fun creating all these animal themed patterns, and there’s a LOT more in the book. I inked these traditionally with a brush, and the one in color (used in the book’s back cover) was colored digitally in Photshop.

Hay muchas cosas que, por el tiempo que pasa entre que las hago y que finalmente se publican, me termino olvidando de mostrar :/

Para empezar a remediar la cuestión, acá van algunas páginas que hice para un libro para colorear de Dover, que se llama Playful Pictures: Animals. Me lo pasé genial haciendo todos estos diseños repetibles con animalitos, y en el libro hay unos cuantos más. Entinté todo de manera tradicional con pincel, y la imagen en color (que se usó en la contratapa del libro) la coloreé en Photoshop



Tank Girl!