Inktober 2015
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Here’s my attempt at doing this year Inktober, I only made it to day 19…

Thri-kreen & some news
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Hey all! A little while ago Blanca Martinez and Joe Sparrow invited me to contribute as a guest artist to their wonderful and fun blog Dungeons & Drawings, and of … Read More

Skeleton Assault
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Heya! Here’s the first in a series of trading cards (ish) with an old-school fantasy theme I’m planning to paint. I have a couple of these sketched out but I’d … Read More

Ged & the Shadow
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Fed was sketching some illos based on Earthsea by Ursula LeGuin and I couldn’t resist making my silly version of Ged and the shadow. Acrylics on paper. Fede estaba bocetando … Read More

D&D Player’s Strategy Guide Illustrations
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I had the opportunity to do some illustrations for the Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Strategy Guide a few months ago and the book was officially released on Monday so I’m … Read More

Fantasy Stuffs
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I was taking a look at the stuff I had in my portfolio a couple of weeks ago and I realized that for all my love of the genre, I … Read More