Skeleton Assault

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Heya! Here’s the first in a series of trading cards (ish) with an old-school fantasy theme I’m planning to paint. I have a couple of these sketched out but I’d love to hear your suggestions/requests!
Inspiration for this one courtesy of Jeff Easley and his awesome Eye of the Beholder cover.

10 Responses

  1. Scott

    love it Fed- really really awesome

  2. Quan

    Damn, this is sick! Love the color profile.. the arrows in his back are an awesome touch too!

  3. Gax

    It’s truely a fucking good blog 🙂

    hugs from frogland

  4. Rachel

    Love the greenish bone tones! This is awesomely retro and creepy 🙂

  5. Federico Piatti

    Whoa, thank guys 😀

  6. Thomas Scholes

    you’re my hero!

  7. Alan Tew

    Good stuff, but that looks like Jeff Easley’s work rather than Elmore’s.

  8. Tyler

    Uber RADICAL stuff…great blog!

  9. Gabriel

    Really nice, i love it so much! Because it’s scary and funny at the same time

  10. Brun

    These updates are so radical awesome ! Totally ace