D&D Player’s Strategy Guide Illustrations
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I had the opportunity to do some illustrations for the Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Strategy Guide a few months ago and the book was officially released on Monday so I’m … Read More

Sartorialist Studies
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I really love checking this blog: The Sartorialist, it has amazing photos of very trendy people from all over the world, and I couldn’t resist drawing some of them! Inked … Read More

Fennec Fox & Macarons
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What have macarons to do with fennec foxes? Nothing! But me and Clo were talking about how awesome and pretty and delicious macarons are, and I was browsing this blog … Read More

Pigs & Squirrels
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Squirrels are among my favorite animals for sure, they’re cute, and agile, and so fun to observe! So I made this little pic out of pure squirrel love (once again, … Read More

Tom and Thom
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Two more! The Tom Waits is an early bday gift for my dear brother Ignacio (he’s a HUGE Tom Waits fan!) and Thom Yorke (second one) was suggested by the … Read More

Nick Cave
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Had so much fun with the Jarvis yesterday that I decided to give Nick Cave a go too. I don’t have a good excuse for this one apart from Nick … Read More

Dover Illos
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Hello Everyone! Again we fall behind with the updates… I get sidetracked so easily! 😛 Here’s some (somewhat) recent work from me, Xmas illos! All of them are ©Dover Publications. … Read More