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Inky bits

I’ve been severely limiting the time I spend on social media lately, and it’s been great for my noggin. I still share things here and there, but I miss having a place to put things that’s not subject to the whims of algorithms and corporate-driven decisions, so I’m making my 38092843894293849284398th attempt to post here more often.

I plan on continuing the Hématite posts soon-ish, but in the mean time, I’ll probably just make some image posts to put here some of the stuff I’ve shared on social media. I’m thinking of maybe making some inspirations posts too, to share the work of artists I love.

So, here are some little ink drawings that I’ve made in the past year or so. More soon!

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Scratch the ‘?’ haha! That was a mistake. Hope you and Fed are well!!!!

Thanks Tomtom!!! <3 Let me know if you do, I'll add you to my RSS reader, and maybe I can put a link somewhere for friends like we did in the ol' Blogger days! XD

These have been done at different times… so I don’t really remember which pens I specifically used for each drawing!
But my usual inking tools include: dip pens (Nikko G, Leonardt Principal EF, Plume Gauloise) Micron and Uni fineliners, and fountain pens (Pilot Kaküno is the one I use most but I have a few others).

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