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Faun process

I’m really bad at keeping up with it, but I always come back to thinking how much I miss blogs and forums as places to go for things I’m interested in, as opposed to the constant influx of everything on social media. So again I’m hoping I can maybe return to posting here more often, even if consistency is clearly too high of an expectation for me at this point.

I painted this faun commission a few months ago, and shared the process of both painting and digital tweaking over on Twitter. I thought it would be a good idea to share it here too for easier access/archive, and as an excuse to give a bit more life to this little corner of the internet of ours.


What time is it?

Adventure Time!!! Here’s the variant cover I made for the Adventure Time comics! It’s for issue #10, will be out in November. Acrylic gouache on paper, hope you like! Some details as well, for good measure.

Tiempo de Aventuras!!! He aquí la portada alternativa que hice para el número #10 del comic de Adventure Time! Sale en Noviembre. Es gouache acrílico en papel, y les van también algunos detallitos porque sí. Espero que les guste!


Lord Buggington

Hey all! We’ve recently acquired a bunch of tubes of Turner acrylic gouache and we’ve been trying them out, so here’s a new pic we did together as a collab using them. We’ve been doing a lot of insect-inspired stuff lately so this one is a mix of that and one of our favourite films, Barry Lyndon. Hope you like!

Holas gentes! Recientemente con Fede adquirimos un montón de tubos de gouache acrílico de Turner y los estuvimos probando, así que acá les va una ilus nueva que hicimos colaborativamente. Como veníamos embalados con temáticas insectiles últimamente mezclamos eso con Barry Lyndon, una de nuestras películas favoritas. Esperamos que les guste!

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Pigs & Squirrels



Squirrels are among my favorite animals for sure, they’re cute, and agile, and so fun to observe! So I made this little pic out of pure squirrel love (once again, Illustrator + Photoshop).

Pigs are also high up on my list, as you may have concluded from the name of the blog, and they deserved some love as well, so I made this plush pig called Piggory here. I’m really happy about the pattern I developed for this one, I think the shape came out really nice. I’m also proud of its curly tail!

Las ardillas están entre mis animales favoritos: son tiernas, ágiles, y entretenidísimas de observar! Así que la primera ilus está hecha de puro amor ardillil (una vez más, Illustrator + Photoshop).

Los chanchitos (o cerditos, para los que no hablan argentino) también me encantan, como pueden haber deducido por el nombre de este blog, y también merecían una dosis de cariño, por lo que hice este peluche cerdil que bauticé como Piggory. Estoy particularmente contenta con el molde que hice para él, creo que la forma resultante quedó muy interesante, y también con su colita enrulada.