Collaboration Illustration Painting

Collaborative Six Fanarts

We had such a great time with this challenge that we wanted to do some more in collaboration, but we didn’t take suggestions for this one (except for the Dude) and just painted things we’re both fans of instead!

The top row are my drawings, painted by Federico: the Dude Lebowski, Isaac the pirate, Doc Cochran. Painted with acrylics.

The bottom row are Federico’s drawings, painted by me: Deet, Grogro, Nadja. Painted the Grogro with acrylics, gouache for the other two.

We very much enjoy collaborating and it’s great to see how things turn out when we do, the results are always interesting and unexpected.

Illustration Painting

Paintings from Septempera 2019

Paintings I made for last year’s #septempera, experimenting with incorporating more watercolor and working transparently before adding gouache.


Plein Air Adventures

One of the highlights of 2019 was finding a group of local artists and going on art escapades to the countryside and nearby tiny towns.

Collaboration Illustration Process

Queequeg and Ishmael

“Wild he was; a very sight of sights to see; yet I began to feel myself mysteriously drawn towards him.”

Herman Melville

A collaborative take on Moby Dick with Victoria. This was our contribution to From Hell’s Heart: An Illustrated Celebration of Herman Melville, a fantastic book curated by John Arcudi and chock-full of inspiring art.


Septempera 2019

A few of my favorite gouache paintings I made for the #septempera challenge from last year — a (semi) daily gouache painting challenge I started in 2017. I probably won’t manage to do it this year, but I’ll miss it for sure.

Illustration News

Ronan the Librarian

Barbarians don’t read, they raid! …or do they?

Ronan the Librarian is a lovely, funny picture book written by Tara Luebbe and Becky Cattie that I had the immense pleasure to illustrate. A love letter to books, libraries and librarians, I couldn’t have asked for a better fit — I loved working on this story!

Illustration Process

Faun process

I’m really bad at keeping up with it, but I always come back to thinking how much I miss blogs and forums as places to go for things I’m interested in, as opposed to the constant influx of everything on social media. So again I’m hoping I can maybe return to posting here more often, even if consistency is clearly too high of an expectation for me at this point.

I painted this faun commission a few months ago, and shared the process of both painting and digital tweaking over on Twitter. I thought it would be a good idea to share it here too for easier access/archive, and as an excuse to give a bit more life to this little corner of the internet of ours.

Illustration News

Pigment Pigsty is here!

Pigment Pigsty, my printed collection of sketches & illustrations, is finally here!!! 😀 These little books printed really nicely, I’m super happy with how they turned out!

Get your copy here (EDIT: send us a message if you’re interested in purchasing a copy)

24 pages of artwork lovingly printed on 170 gms paper. Size A5 (210 mm x 148 mm / 8.27 in x 5.83 in). All copies come signed and sketched in! 🙂

Illustration News

Bride of Frankenstein

Our blog is finally back up, with a whole new look! 🙂 We are still finishing the store side of things, but it should be coming soon. We hope.

In order to get things started again, I wanted to share this painting of The Bride of Frankenstein I made for Susanita’s Little Gallery‘s new show: Universal vs Hammer Monsters. It’s gouache plus coloured pencils and crayons on paper. This painting is sold, but keep your eyes peeled for our future posts!

Welcome back and enjoy your stay.


Nuestro blog está finalmente activo de nuevo! 🙂 Todavía estamos puliendo la tienda online que lo acompaña, pero debería estar lista en breve. Esperemos.

Para poner las cosas un poco en movimiento otra vez, quería compartir esta pintura de La novia de Frankenstein que hice para la expo Universal vs Hammer Monsters que organiza Susanita’s Little Gallery (si gustan pueden visitarla en el Lunch Box & Tiki Room en Madrid!), ya está vendida pero habrá más noticias relacionadas en breve. Gouache con cantidades generosas de lápices de colores y ceras acuarelables sobre papel.

Bienvenidos nuevamente, y disfruten la estadía!