A bunch of doodles and a pangolin
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Here are a few little doodles I did over a few days out of suggestions people gave me on Twitter! All of them are made with markers and brushpen on … Read More

Little Vampire
with 6 Comments

I love drawing Halloweeny stuff! This guy is based in a very old character Fed and me made up, and that we’re thinking of revisiting soon. Acrylics. Painted in my … Read More

Banjo Pig
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A very small acrylics painting I did a little while ago inspired by the Dueling Banjo Pigs blog. Hope you like! Una pequeña pinturilla en acrílicos que hice hace un … Read More

The Fox and the Goats / Collab
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Hey there! Here’s a little painting Vic and I made together today, it was a lot of fun! Acrylics on canvas surfaced panel-thingie.

Ged & the Shadow
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Fed was sketching some illos based on Earthsea by Ursula LeGuin and I couldn’t resist making my silly version of Ged and the shadow. Acrylics on paper. Fede estaba bocetando … Read More

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