Little Vampire

I love drawing Halloweeny stuff! This guy is based in a very old character Fed and me made up, and that we’re thinking of revisiting soon. Acrylics. Painted in my sketchbook.

Me encanta dibujar cosas Halloweenescas! Este vampirín está basado en un personaje que Fede y yo inventamos hace varios años y que estamos pensando revisitar en breve. Pintado en acrílico en mi sketchbook.

6 replies on “Little Vampire”

Love iiiit! It reminds me of Joan Sfar a little, but with your awesomeness for cute characters it’s even more lovable! Awww that reminds me that you guys were at our place for Halloween last year <3

When will you make a book together :p ?
(and it’s easier for you> two minds at work, it could be done in 1 month :p)

anyway that’s great.

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