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Septempera 2020

As it’s been my tradition for the past few years, during the month of September I made a bunch of little gouache paintings for my #septempera challenge. This time I came nowhere near to daily, which was expected as Federico and I are finishing our comic, but all things considered I think it was a pretty decent showing.

All these are quite small (roughly 7-8 cm per side) and painted in watercolor and gouache on watercolor paper.

I’ve put some of them up as prints on my Inprnt.

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Thanks Li-An! 🙂 We’re actually (slowly) starting to put together a series of posts about the comic, some bits about the process and some about the journey of pitching the project and all that jazz. It will take longer to find its way here because it involves actual writing haha but hopefully we’ll begin sharing them in a few weeks.

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