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Ronan the Librarian

Barbarians don’t read, they raid! …or do they?

Ronan the Librarian is a lovely, funny picture book written by Tara Luebbe and Becky Cattie that I had the immense pleasure to illustrate. A love letter to books, libraries and librarians, I couldn’t have asked for a better fit — I loved working on this story!

The middle of a pandemic is hardly the time you dream your books will release, but that’s what happened to poor Ronan, who was unleashed upon the world a few months ago. But his crew and him are all braving on and sailing into the hands of new readers!

I’m sharing a few of my favorite illustrations from the interior pages here. You can see a longer preview of the book and find links to order it over at Macmillan’s website:

I also took a few process pictures of the cover while I was working on it and I’m sharing them below. I used masking fluid for the figures as I knew I wanted wet-on-wet effects for the sky/trees and sponge textures for the stone.

I hope you enjoyed the illustrations and process shots, and that you’ll enjoy the book too if you read it!

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