Sartorialist Studies

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I really love checking this blog: The Sartorialist, it has amazing photos of very trendy people from all over the world, and I couldn’t resist drawing some of them!

Inked with brushpen, super quick color on PS.

Me encanta el blog The Sartorialist, tiene unas fotos buenísimas de gente de todo el mundo con vestuarios muy interesantes, así que no pude resistir dibujar algunas!

Entintados con un brushpen, color básico y letal agregado en Potochó.

3 Responses

  1. Scott

    these are great! Love how you handle a brushpen, Vic. Teach me 🙂

  2. Julien Alday

    Oui, oui ! Teach me too ! I need to know all your techniques ! ^^
    Pomme de Pin !

  3. Tiffany Prothero

    These are cool Vic! 😀
    I owe you a painting, I think about it almost everyday and the guilty is ruining me. So I promise you will get one soon!…..don’t hate me :S