Drow Pin-up

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Hey there! I did this for the Dungeon & Dragons pin-up challenge at ArtOrder. Tried to channel some of Elvgren‘s awesomeness, one of my favorite pinup artists alongside Petty. Cheers!

13 Responses

  1. Julien Alday

    YAY ! Petty and Elvgren FOR THE WIN ! ^^
    I dig this one, nice comp and mood, maybe not a easy task with a Fantasy background such as D&D. You did it well, bravo !

  2. Clo


  3. Krystyl

    This was my favorite entry! Gorgeous!! I was going to enter in a drow pin-up as well, but I’m glad I didn’t … my vote is for you~!

  4. Anne Kelley

    This was one of my faves, too — so well done! 😀

  5. Scott

    that is terrific man

  6. Tiffany Prothero

    she has a nice booty! hehehehehe <3

  7. Nonie

    Dude I am sooo digging all your fantasy stuff lately! And this one is awesome. Really great shapes and style!

  8. Tom Scholes

    <3 Fed! This is such a great pin-up.
    Fantastic sense of humor, style and a little bit sexxxxxxxxy.
    <3 Magnificent.

  9. John Brassell

    that’s pretty hawt man.

  10. Alicia

    Is there any way to order a print of this so I can frame it for a gift for my hubby?

  11. Max Johnson

    That is hot to death. D&D + pinup is like peanut butter and chocolate… will you be making any more?

  12. Nik

    How much do you for an image like this?