Drow Pin-up
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Hey there! I did this for the Dungeon & Dragons pin-up challenge at ArtOrder. Tried to channel some of Elvgren‘s awesomeness, one of my favorite pinup artists alongside Petty. Cheers!

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Hey there! I did this for the ArtOrder blog, the topic was the Krampus. Hope you dig it!

Gwenth and Garreth
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Yay, D&D vampires for ArtOrder.

Deva of the future
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Another one for ArtOrder Concept Tuesday. This week you had to choose from a list of D&D races and put them in a sci-fi setting, I chose Deva.

Undead Demon Dinosaur!
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Here’s my take on the current Concept Tuesday topic (over at the Art Order Blog). The concept was: undead demon dinosaur, his name is Dinogloth and he’s quite docile actually … Read More