Stickers & Stickers!
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I recently got some comp copies of a sticker book I did for Dover last year where I got to draw a bunch of owls being silly 🙂 And I … Read More

Dragon’s Egg
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Hey hey! I haven’t posted anything here for quite a while so here’s a little something I made for Conceptart’s Character of the Week activity, the topic was “the Dragon … Read More

Göoo 8: Pleasure/Placer
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Soooo I made this for the upcoming Göoo magazine, an Argentinian collaborative publication, the topic was “Pleasure”. The format is quite unique so it was not so easy but I’m … Read More

Trent Reznor
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Sorry for being so redundant here! But these are just such a blast to make… I’m also really into NIN, so Trent Reznor this time! It was the most difficult … Read More

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These are just wayyyyy too much fun to stop! This time I wanted to do a female so Björk it is. Estos retratines son demasiado divertidos como para detenerme! Esta … Read More

Nick Cave
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Had so much fun with the Jarvis yesterday that I decided to give Nick Cave a go too. I don’t have a good excuse for this one apart from Nick … Read More

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You may or may not know this, but I’m a biiiig Pulp fan. And Jarvis Cocker has a really interesting face. And we spent all of last week wandering around … Read More

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As some of you may know, Day of the Tentacle is my favorite game EVER. I love everything about it: the characters, the stylization, the animation, the quirky story, the … Read More

Puss in Boots
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Heya! Sorry for the lack of updates recently. This has been one hectic month! I’ll try to keep this up to date a bit more from now on. Yes I … Read More

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