Boar Apprentice

Adding another recent painting to the blog! Plus some details because those are always fun to see, right? Gouache on paper. After trying many brands and textures I think this paper is my favorite by far: Hot Pressed Fabriano Artistico traditional white. A true pleasure to use.

Sigo agregando algunas cosas más recientes al blog! Con detalles de cerca y todo, que siempre están buenos de ver. Gouache sobre papel – creo que después de probar muchos finalmente encontré mi papel favorito: Fabriano Artistico blanco tradicional en textura satinada. Es un placer de usar.

2 replies on “Boar Apprentice”

Cool, I can find the paper in France. As I plan to paint a gouache, I may try this paper. I wonder what the goat is saying.

It really is a nice paper! A bit expensive but worth it in my opinion.
The little fella in the red hat is meant to be a boar – probably pretending to cast some incantation 🙂

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