NYCC Promos



We’re leaving for NYCC today! We’re both super excited and happy 🙂

Here are the pics we made as promotion material to give out at the Con, both mine and Fed’s. We hope you like em!

Nos vamos a la ComicCon de Nueva York hoy! Estamos saltando en una pata 🙂

Acá están las imágenes de las tarjetas que hicimos para autopromocionarnos en la convención, esperamos que les gusten!

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i posted the same question on Gorilla Artfare, but i suppose i might get more response here.
i’ve always been fond of the way vector illustrations look and have created several of my own, but i was always very dissappointed with the way they turned out. they never had any character.
i never really understood how people got their linework to look like that in your promo-pic with illustrator. ok, i can add some brushes, but that doesn’t really work out most of the time and i tend to go back to Painter’s scratchboard tool. how did you do the linework in this piece, how do you control the way it thickens? is it really brushes? do you create original brushes for every piece? or are the lines not really lines but shapes as well?

Oh! Sorry to get back to you so late. I actually use a round calligraphic brush with size variation set to pressure and the same amount of variation as the brush size (you’ll see these options if you just make a new brush and select calligraphic), the variation in lineweight is set by the pressure you apply to your wacom stylus. You may wanna double-click on your brush tool before and mess with those settings a bit to to see what works for you.
The good thing about this approach is that you make use of the wacoms sensitivity to pressure but you can still move your anchors around later on to fix stuff.
Sometimes I make the brushes with the shapes I want too, specially for stuff like eyelashes or eyebrows. You can save your brush library too by the way, so you don’t have to make them again every time.

i’ve always been a little reluctant to use my wacom for vector shapes, but if these are the results i can get, i’ll start right away. thanks a lot for your answer. obviously, i love your promopig.

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