Halloween Illos | Ilustraciones de Noche de Brujas
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Halloween is just around the corner, and even tho it’s not actually celebrated here in Argentina I always thought its imagery was really fun (I don’t care much for the … Read More

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[kml_flashembed movie=”http://pigswithcrayons.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/09/bunnyrot.swf” height=”650″ width=”432″ menu=”false” alttext=”{You need flash}”/] I’ve been invited to participate in this Kokeshi Group Show in San Diego, I had to customize a Kokeshi doll and now … Read More

Watercolors and gouache | Acuarelas y témperas
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Just a couple of quick doodles in watercolors (trying to get the hang of them) without ref, without underlying pencil sketch, just trying to understand the medium a bit more. … Read More

A Couple of Illos | Un par de ilustraciones
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Here’s two pics I did for a sketch swap activity among friends. The first one is a character of my creation, Harold the journeyman. The second one is my take … Read More

Idiot Apathy Bunny | Conejito Idiot Apathy
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Hey! Here’s a bunny I made especially for my friend Tom (IdiotApathy) and sent to him. He got it today so I won’t ruin the surprise by posting it here … Read More

Flu Doodles | Bocetos gripales
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I was in bed for a couple of days with a bad flu and did some sketches while I was getting bored there. Here are a couple of them (the … Read More

Drunken Monkee | Mono Ebrio
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Howdy! Just a quick post. I made this small pic for Fed, basically just because he likes pirates and monkeys, heheh. Here’s a small process: inks, then watercolors, and finally … Read More

entdroid’s sketchbook | cuaderno de bocetos de entdroid
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I finally painted entdroid’s sketchbook cover. Acrylics and black felt tip marker. Finalmente pinté la tapa del cuaderno de bocetos de entdroid. Acrílicos y marcador indeleble negro.

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Ok, we promised to post whatever crap we came up with, so here we go. An ultra quick experiment with sumi ink and PS, I call this pic “Confessions of … Read More

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