And the winner is…

First I would like to thank you all for taking part on this little experiment!!! It was a lot of fun and I really appreciate each like, retweet, and comment on this thing.

Now, time for the big reveal! Here are the seven winners of the squirrel lino prints:

1- Kev (@___Torahn)
2- Romain Mennetrier (@Brutalmoineau)
3- Jeremy (@mightyrobot)
4- 3d_glasses
5- SmithyWerben ManJensen
6- Chelsea Suarez
7- Kasey Gifford

If you’re one of the winners, I will try to contact you in the next few days to get your shipping info, or if you want to make my life easier; email it to me to hi(at) and I will probably sent all of these out in a couple of weeks or so, when I come back from the land of the dead(lines).
And again, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! 😀



Hey all! Me and Fed have been doing some attempts at lino printing (ghetto style), cause we would love to offer prints somewhat like these for sale in limited editions in the future. The two top images are the results of this first attempt, and seven lucky people will be getting one! You can see a bit of the initial (failed) experiments at the bottom (don’t worry, you won’t be getting one of those!)

Now, on to the giveaway:You have time to enter until Sunday, I’ll announce the winners on Monday.
To enter you can either:
– Comment on this post
– Retweet my giveaway tweet
– “Like” me on Facebook
– “Like” this post on Google Reader (not as Anonymous)

About the prints: they’re small, around 14cm x 14cm linocut prints (around 5.5 x 5.5 inches), printed on Rives BFK paper, signed and dated (not on the photos, sorry).

Illustration News

Thri-kreen & some news

Hey all! A little while ago Blanca Martinez and Joe Sparrow invited me to contribute as a guest artist to their wonderful and fun blog Dungeons & Drawings, and of course I just HAD to say yes. I had already depicted Beholders and Mindflayers in the past, so I chose another big fave of mine: Thri-kreens. And there it is.

Some unrelated news: as you can see we now have a new domain so if you’re linking to us please update your URLs! Our RSS feed remains the same.
Also: I made me a Facebook page! And I’m also on Twitter! I’m even worst at that social media stuff than at blogging, but I’m trying my best 😛

Hola gentes! Hace unos días Blanca Martinez y Joe Sparrow me preguntaron si quería participar como artista inviatda en su blog Dungeons & Drawings, y obviamente no pude decir que no. Como ya había dibujado Mindflayers y Beholders en el pasado, me decanté por otro gran favorito: Thri-kreens. Y acá está!

Otras noticias no relacionadas: cambiamos el dominio del blog a así que si nos están linkeando, les agradeceríamos que actualicen nuestra URL.
También les cuento que tengo una página de Facebook y estoy en Twitter! Soy aún peor usando las cosas esas que blogueando, pero hago mi mejor esfuerzo, en serio! 😛


New Year = New Blog!

Yep, that’s right, this blog was in dire need of a complete redesign. Still some minor tweaking to do here and there, but this is it!

We hope you all like the new look 😀

Si, ya era hora de rediseñar completamente este blog. Falta pulir algunos detallitos pero básicamente ya está!

Esperamos que les guste el nuevo look 😀

Illustration News

C is for Centaur | C de Centauro

Well first of all I wanted to let everyone (well, all of those whoe were wondering!) know that we are ok and happy here in Madrid, we’re pretty much settled and we’re loving it. It’s a really beautiful city! Because of our move we were without an internet connection for quite a while, thus the lack of updates and stuff. But we’re gonna start posting regularly (yeah right) again now!

And now, to the actual point of this post: This little dragon I posted quite a while ago came in second place in the Stylized Animals Challenge over at, so they published a small step by step article in the 2Dartist magazine and they were kind enough to send me the link to share it. It’s not much but if you want you can download it in PDF format from here.

Also as it was something quite fun to do I decided to do this little guy in the same vein, I might do some more soon!

Primero que nada quería avisar a todos  aquellos a quienes les interese que ya estamos en Madrid hace un tiempo y que estamos perfectamente, nos encanta la ciudad y la vida acá. Pero bueno, debido a la mudanza estuvimos sin internet bastante tiempo y no pudimos actualizar el blog, por suerte ahora ya podemos volver a nuestro (poco) regular ritmo de posteado! 

Bueno y ahora a la cuestión que nos trae: Este dragoncito que posteé hace un tiempo salió segundo en el Stylized Animals Challenge en, así que me publicaron un pequeño artículo en la revista 2Dartistcon un paso a paso y me dieron un link para compartirlo. No es gran cosa pero pueden bajarse el PDF de acá.

Como me resultó bastante divertido de hacer quise hacer algo más en la misma «serie» y me salió esto, por ahí hago algunos más después! 

Creatures Illustration News

Dragon and New Blog | Dragón y blog nuevo


I made a quick illo for this month’s Stylized Animal Challenge at, this time the animal to depict was the dragon, and below is my take on it.

I also wanted to announce the launch of, a new art collective blog of which me and Fed are proud members, so if you want please stop by to see our same old piccies and the great works of many of our friends.

Hice esta ilustración rápida para la actividad de Animales Estilizados en, esta vez el animal a dibujar era el dragón y acá está mi versión del susodicho.

También quería aprovechar para anunciar el lanzamiento de, un nuevo blog colectivo de artistas del cual Fede y yo somos parte, así que si lo desean pueden pasar a ver nuestras cosas de siempre y también los buenísimos dibujos de muchos de nuestros amigos. Es sólo en inglés, pero las imágenes son universales!


Yay, I got featured on today! Here’s the article: but I advice you to check the rest of this blog that showcases many illustrators and artists ’cause there’s a bucketload of inspiration there!

¡Hoy hay una pequeña presentación mía (y de este blog) en! Este es el post: pero les sugiero que chequeen el resto del blog (en el que muestran a distintos artistas e ilustradores) porque se encontrarán con un montón de inspiración.


We’ve moved! | Nos mudamos

Just wanted to let you know that we switched our hosting and domain, we basically moved from the to a .net, but the rest is still the same. The old domain is still working, but please update your links.


Solamente quería informarles que cambiamos de servidor y de dominio, basicamente reemplazamos el por .net, pero el resto sigue igual. El dominio anterior sigue funcionando por ahora, pero actualicen sus links por favor. 



Rich Pellegrino

Elegant Deathwish

We recently received this incredible painting from our dearest friend, awesome artist and all around cool guy, Rich Pellegrino. This crappy photo doesn’t do justice to the actual painting. You can find a better pic of this piece and lots of cool stuff on his site and blog, it’s really worth a visit.

Thanks a lot Rich, you rock!

Hace poco recibimos esta increíble pintura de nuestro querido amigo, fantástico artista y persona genial en general, Rich Pellegrino. Esta foto rápida no le hace justicia a la pieza real. Pueden ver una imagen mejor de esta obra y montones de cosas interesantes más en su sitio y en su blog, vale la pena hacerle una visita.

Oils on paper, 8″x10″