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Yay, I got featured on today! Here’s the article: but I advice you to check the rest of this blog that showcases many illustrators and artists ’cause there’s … Read More

Watercolors and gouache | Acuarelas y témperas
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Just a couple of quick doodles in watercolors (trying to get the hang of them) without ref, without underlying pencil sketch, just trying to understand the medium a bit more. … Read More

Redhead | Pelirroja
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Hey here’s a quick illo. Some ugly girl done in Illustrator + PS.  Hope you like it! Hey, acá va una ilustración rapidita, una chica poco agraciada hecha en Illustrator … Read More

Idiot Apathy Bunny | Conejito Idiot Apathy
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Hey! Here’s a bunny I made especially for my friend Tom (IdiotApathy) and sent to him. He got it today so I won’t ruin the surprise by posting it here … Read More

Borderline Pinup | Pinup para Borderline
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Me and Fed have been working for a while for a small comics publisher of our city as freelance graphic designers. They’re currently releasing a series of books by Eduardo … Read More

Flu Doodles | Bocetos gripales
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I was in bed for a couple of days with a bad flu and did some sketches while I was getting bored there. Here are a couple of them (the … Read More

Drunken Monkee | Mono Ebrio
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Howdy! Just a quick post. I made this small pic for Fed, basically just because he likes pirates and monkeys, heheh. Here’s a small process: inks, then watercolors, and finally … Read More

Painted Kimono Girl | Pintura de la chica con kimono
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Here’s the finished illo I did. I painted it with acrylics but let the colored paper I drew her in show in some parts. I gotta say it looks much … Read More

Kimono Girl | Chica con kimono
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Here’s a pencil sketch of a picture I’m making for a friend. The katana looks weird but I’ll fix it! I’ll post the final version of this when I finish … Read More

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