Illustration Painting

Federico’s Six Fanarts

And here are my six images for the #sixfanarts activity from earlier this year.

Tom Waits, Mr. Badger, Gandalf, Ronan the Librarian, SkekSil, Adèle Blanc-Sec.


Tom and Thom



Two more! The Tom Waits is an early bday gift for my dear brother Ignacio (he’s a HUGE Tom Waits fan!) and Thom Yorke (second one) was suggested by the awesome Scott Altmann (or Scotters, as I like to call him), who is an extremely talented artist and an even better guy, check his blog out! I hope you like these!

Acá van dos más! El Tom Waits es un regalo (temprano) de cumpleaños para mi querido hermano Ignacio (que es GRAN fan) y el Thom Yorke fue una sugerencia de Scott Altmann (o Scotters, como me gusta decirle a mí) que no sólo es un gran artista sino una fantástica persona, si quieren pueden darse una vueltita por su blog! Espero que les gusten los retratos!